Why Almost Vegan?

Food is a literal taste of culture. It’s exciting, beautiful, and shared by every living species on the planet. Science tells us all humans have to eat and most people enjoy eating. I love that and I love being able to connect to new cultures and people through eating (and of course, drinking).

Food also accounts for 1/4 of anthropogenic (man made) greenhouse gasses which means we have to re-examine our food (1). Every meal has health, social, and climate consequences that we need to be aware of. Declaring yourself as Almost Vegan is nothing more than a self-check on how you can improve the world around you through your food choices. Lets grill vegan burgers on 4th of July, slam some beers and a basket of buffalo cauliflower and still enjoy our steak dinners on valentines day. I believe if the world comes together on these practices we can combat climate change, obesity, and social impacts that food has caused. Being Almost Vegan is the bridge for the entire public that will lead them to a new world where food saves the day instead of destroying it.

If we can come together and develop a beauty like pizza we can also re-invent a food system that benefits our surroundings and everyone who inhabits it.

Final Thoughts

Take some time today and eat your VEGETABLES.

By almostveganofficial

Former vet, cook, and now a current student at Columbia University spreading that food and travel knowledge.

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